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List of Conferences since January 2004, held by Dr Sarmast in person or virtual (via ZOOM or otherwise), are detailed in Academical & Scientific portion of this web site.

ICRS-AS (Industrial Consulting Reza Sarmast - Academical & Scientific), is a Norwegian based private owned Guranteed company (Registered on 17.04.1997) which offers services of its founder/owner Dr Eng. Reza Sarmast to clients regarding : Academical & Scientific efforts, Book preparation, and Publishing.

Relying on his almost 30 years of hands-on experience gained by teaching in university

and working on Oil/Gas projects in Europe/USA as well as in the Middle-East/Far-East,

he is uniquely qualified to assist clients achieving highest goals as concerns their

Academical & Scientific efforts.

ICRS-AS mission is to place its clients in advantageous position by dedicated assistance

of an specialist engineer (and also a Doctorate level academic), to cater for studies and

supports required during execution of complicated Academical & Scientific projects. 2


ICRS-AS comprises the following two divisions:





 Current Book project:

ICRS is currently working on a book titled

100 years of Iranian Oil". This is a collaboration project with others including International institutes

in Iran, Netherland and the UK,    

 ISBN: 978-82-690238-0-0 



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